Our Story

Our Story

Lee Valley has designed and manufactured high quality clothing in the village of Inchigeelagh, West Cork since 1986. Husband and wife, Denis and Loretto Hurley saw a market for traditional Irish grandfather shirts and began drafting patterns and cutting fabric at home, before calling on the sewing skills of local women who worked from their own homes.
It Began with the Grandfather Shirt..

“Bringing you back to a place you thought you’d left forever.”

Selling their shirts in the local fairs and markets in Bantry, Kenmare and Killarney to both farmers and tourists, Denis and Loretto soon realised there would be a strong export market for the Irish flannel products.  They both had fond memories of their own grandfathers wearing this type of collarless shirt in days gone by, and quickly set about re-kindling this traditional garment.


Lee Valley Ireland - The Old Creamery, Inchigeelagh

In 1986, Loretto and Denis renovated the old creamery in Inchigeelagh. In bygone days this was where local farmers gathered, pasteurised their cow’s milk, made cheese and butter which were then sold on to the butter market in Cork.

Denis started to design and cut his flannel grandfather shirts and with the help of the local outworkers and from this old creamery Lee Valley Ireland was born.

The old Creamery Inchigeela Cork where Lee Valley Began
Local Creamery Inchigeelagh (circa 1960)

Using the same soft flannel which he used in his grandfather shirts Denis designed and made his now famous Lee Valley flannel nightwear. By now this product was being exported to all corners of the world.

As demand grew for our Irish Country Clothing we have carefully expanded our range to include several styles of coats, jackets, tweeds, and hats. All of Lee Valley’s designs draw inspiration from the local landscape from fabrics to colours.

Loch Allua Lakes Inchigeela Lee Valley
Loch Allua (In The Lee Valley)

Today Lee Valley  continues to operate from the village of Inchigeelagh and have added on to their facilities an outlet store which attracts a large amount of tourists.

Lee Valley Clothing Shop

Lee Valley Ireland Inchigeela CorkOver three decades on from cutting his first grandfather shirt, the family remain committed to offering high quality Irish country clothing to be treasured forever. It goes to prove that comfort, quality, and durability never go out of style.