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An Crannóg - Mehigan's Island

An Crannóg - Mehigan's Island 0

Loch Allua is a small lake but here lies an archaeological curiosity - a little island encampment dating to medieval times or before, it was reached via a submerged causeway, known only to its defenders.
The Irish Cottage

The Irish Cottage 0

The Irish Cottage.

Lee Valley and Irish Farmers Market

Lee Valley and Irish Farmers Market 0

Back in November we spoke of how farmer’s markets in West Cork and in Kerry were where we began selling our flannel collarless Grandfathers shirts. Today we are going to discuss what products are available for us to buy at modern farmer’s markets.

  • Caitriona Hurley
The Traditional Irish Cottage

The Traditional Irish Cottage 0

The Traditional Irish Cottage.

We are all familiar with postcards from Ireland. The pictures on these postcards are pictures of sheep, donkeys, green fields, castles, cliffs or cottages. A case can be made for the uniqueness of the green fields of Ireland. but let’s face it, cliffs are cliffs and animals are animals.  On the other hand the traditional Irish cottage is the one image that is always associated with Ireland.

The Irish Cottage Collection

The Irish Cottage Collection 0

The Irish Cottage Collection

From Our Dresser To Yours, Win A Rick Lewis Heirloom.

Intricate detailing and architectural accuracy of these Irish Cottage figurines are a testament to Rick's superb craftsmanship. These miniatures were commissioned by Galway Arts Creations a division of Royal Tara in Galway.

How to wear your Grandfather Shirt

How to wear your Grandfather Shirt 0

The collarless Irish Grandfather Shirt is the product that built both our business and our wardrobe. The comfort and versatility of this shirt is timeless and classic. Here are some of the options for wearing your own Grandfather Shirt.