National Heritage Week 2021 – looking back to the Irish ‘Crannóg’

National Heritage Week 2021 – looking back to the Irish ‘Crannóg’

National Heritage Week 2021 – looking back to the Irish ‘Crannóg’ 

“You can walk across this island in five seconds. The lake waters lap around and about
20 hawthorn trees provide cover” *


Only a five-minute drive from our manufacturing facility here in Inchigeela, West Cork, you will find ‘Mehigan’s Island’ 
in the Loch Allua lake, one of only four discovered crannógs, in Co Cork.  (Pronounced: kron oog)
‘Crannóg’ is derived from the Irish words crann “tree” and óg “young”.


 Crannog - Loch Allua - Lee Valley Ireland

 Mehigans Crannóg in Loch Allua, Co. Cork


Crannógs were founded in Ireland during the Iron Age and early Christian periods - 400 CE to 1100 CE**.  These are
artificially constructed islands. Crannógs; were made of timber, sometimes of stone, and were usually constructed
on islets or in the shallows of a lake. They were usually fortified by single or double stockaded defences.


Families accessed these artificial islands across narrow bridges of timber planking or wattle, most islands seem to have relied on
stone and turf causeways for entry. The bridges and pathways were partially submerged possibly for reasons
of concealment, requiring ankle or knee-high wading.


This crannóg here in the Lee Valley, may have been occupied at least seasonally by the O’Mehigan family, or it may have been used
by metalworkers associated with this family.


We are very fortunate here in West Cork to be surrounded by beautiful lakes, mountains, and history.
Next time you are nearby, feel free to pop by our manufacturing facilities and upgraded showroom, where you will be treated
to some West Cork hospitality. Plus, experience our local area for yourself, including ‘Mehigan’s Crannóg’.


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* Source (Irish Examiner, 2018)
** CE - Common Era

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