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What are your Winter closet essentials ?


Winter is nipping at our heels!

Last Friday I travelled to the UK for the weekend. I travelled light, very light, to match the mild Fall weather. Just in case, I packed a waterproof jacket, just in case…

Boy, was I glad I did! Saturday dawned bright and sunny. A cold wind cut me in two when we left the hotel. By eleven a.m. I was wearing every single layer in my luggage – including the “just in case” jacket! Overnight the temperature had fallen by a cool eight degrees Celsius, add that to the wind chill factor and you have a very cold me… I have a head cold to prove it.

Don’t make my mistake – dress for the weather that is, not what you think it is or expect it to be.

On my return I packed and stowed any summer clothes and bundled them into the back of my closet. In contrast, I pulled out my winter woollies and other essentials for winter. These include most of my everyday wardrobe. Let’s face it, there much to actually pull out, most of it was already to hand – I do live in Ireland, remember?


What are your Winter Closet Essentials ?

  • Woolly sweater, my Arran sweater is my favourite. I love it with jeans, a flannel shirt and warm scarf. I do own other sweaters but this is my comfiest one.
  • Denims are my staple clothing… comfort and style – what’s not to love?
  • Long sleeved t-shirts in cotton are your best friend, especially to wear as a base layer.
  • Flannel shirts – can you hear me smile? I love, love the versatility of my Irish flannel shirts. Yes, I have more than one, more like one for every day of the week… supplied by Lee Valley Ireland of course!
  • Hiking boots are my chosen footwear. Ladies, I believe these can be bought with high heels nowadays. Warm woolly socks and a battered pair of boots – foot bliss. Find us on facebook lee valley ireland New
  • Hats take on a life of their own, at least they can give you a new look whn you wear them. Don your flat cap to go driving on a crisp, dry day. Pull your woolly hat down over your ears to protect from that arctic wind.

Gilets are the ultimate go-to jacket for the current weather. My tip is to buy a jacket that the sleeves can be zipped off. It’s the best of both worlds – a warm jacket and when you unzip the sleeves you’ve got an instant gilet.

A scarf is THE accessory for everyone. Match it with a hat and gloves, or wear it with a jacket – the options are endless, the choice is yours. 

Every season has its own list of must-haves. Living in Ireland means a winter wardrobe is on-hand all year around. Luckily for many of you, you have distinct seasons. This means you can take my tips and apply them to your winter wardrobe, spring closet, summer selection and your fall collections – depending on what part of the globe you live in!

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