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How to care for your Irish tweed

How to care for your Irish tweed 0

Our Lee Valley Ireland tweed vests and gilets are made from 100% woolen tweed, and lined with 100% calico. Our array of tweed caps from master tweed craftsmen here in Ireland are made from 100% woolen tweed with inner quilted lining.  Read on to discover more about how to care for your Irish Tweed pieces.
Down the Lee Valley

Down the Lee Valley 0

Join us on our tour of the Lee Valley in County Cork, Ireland and visit us in the home of Irish Country
Clothing, since 1986. Further to our Blog Series 'Welcome to Lee Valley',
our latest video will take you on a journey to some of our
favorite local locations.  
All Together Better - Lee Valley Ireland

All Together Better - Lee Valley Ireland 0

At Lee Valley Ireland we are proud to be a member of Guaranteed Irish in 2020.  We believe there is no better
time to celebrate
their ethos of 'All Together Better' during these trying times.
Welcoming NACTA to Lee Valley Ireland

Welcoming NACTA to Lee Valley Ireland 0

We had the huge pleasure of welcoming the NACTA group (The North American Celtic Trade Association)
to Lee Valley Ireland last month.
Involved in the sale and promotion of Irish and Celtic products in North America and Canada, as well as the
United States, Ireland and the UK,
Secaucus Celtic Trade Show

Secaucus Celtic Trade Show 0

For the first time in many years, we are delighted to announce that we will be attending the Celtic Trade Show in Secaucus, New Jersey. This stems from our most successful Showcase Trade Show in Dublin last January. 

Secaucus is hosted in the wonderful Embassy Suites where since Secaucus' inception, has been a brilliant opportunity for USA and Canadian buyers to enhance existing business relationships and create new business relationships with many Irish businesses. 

The Traditional Cotton Flannel Grandad Shirt

The Traditional Cotton Flannel Grandad Shirt 0

The Irish ‘Grandfather Shirt’ often referred to as a ‘Grandad Shirt’ remains a firm favourite for many men and women around the world. This classic shirt, is forever linked with Ireland’s past and continues to remain stylish, it only improves with age. For me this collarless shirt has many memories, and brings me back to my childhood in rural Ireland.