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10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Cork after Lockdown

10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Cork after Lockdown 0

Inspired by the recent trending hashtag #WhenWeTravelAgain we have compiled a list of our

favorite Cork places we'll be visiting after lockdown.  In Ireland we are currently confined to a 2km radius of our homes

which makes us realise all the beautiful locations we are missing just beyond our reach.

How We're Social Distancing in the Lee Valley

How We're Social Distancing in the Lee Valley 0

As we come to the end of our second week of the Covid 19 Lockdown here in Ireland, we are getting used to life confined to our homes.
Like many others all over the world, we are doing our best to stay connected and stay busy while keeping apart.
With that in mind, we would like to share how we're social distancing in the
Lee Valley with some positive, interesting and entertaining activities, and
perhaps give you a few ideas of your own..
St Patricks Day Traditions

St Patricks Day Traditions 0

As St Patricks Day 2020 is almost upon us, we give you a rundown of our most celebrated Patricks Day Traditions

on our National Holiday.  So put on your Grandfather Shirt, wear your Tweed

Flat Cap and grab your Shillelagh

 Here's our Top St Patricks Day Traditions:

Valentines Gift Guide

Valentines Gift Guide 0

Check out our Valentines Day Gift Guide with great ideas for gifting your loved one. You can be sure

a Gift from Lee Valley Ireland will stand the test of

time and will be treasured forever..

5 Reasons to Celebrate Fall

5 Reasons to Celebrate Fall 0

The New Season of Autumn is now fully upon us, as we prepare for the colder days of Winter months.  From September
right through to November we can enjoy crisp mornings, cosy evenings and the beautiful changing colors
of nature to inspire us. This transitional season offers us many reasons to be thankful..
Welcome to Lee Valley- An Laoi (Gougane Barra)

Welcome to Lee Valley- An Laoi (Gougane Barra) 1

The fourth part of our 'Welcome to Lee Valley' series is based in 'An Laoi'. This is the source of the River Lee, in the hills above the forest of Gougane Barra. A beautiful area full of lush greenery tucked away on the edge of the Shehy mountains, Gougane Barra and 'An Laoi' mark the beginning of the Lee Valley...