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Lee Valley Ireland welcomes the Daniel Corkery Summer School

Lee Valley Ireland welcomes the Daniel Corkery Summer School 0

 It was our pleasure to host Wyndham Tsai in the Lee Valley Ireland hospitality centre last night. 

Dublin based cellist Wyndham Tsai performed on behalf of the Daniel Corkery Summer School, an annual event organised by Joe Creedon here in Inchigeelagh, West Cork. Big thank you to Joe Creedon, owner of Creedons Hotel, for organising this wonderful yearly international gathering.

Down the Lee Valley

Down the Lee Valley 0

Join us on our tour of the Lee Valley in County Cork, Ireland and visit us in the home of Irish Country
Clothing, since 1986. Further to our Blog Series 'Welcome to Lee Valley',
our latest video will take you on a journey to some of our
favorite local locations.  
Famous Fans of Aran

Famous Fans of Aran 0

The Aran Sweater has attracted quite a celebrity following over the years.  From Irish to International stardom, you can see what makes this style of sweater so appealing - it's intricate stitching, traditional style, warm quality, and amazing history.
St Patricks Day Traditions

St Patricks Day Traditions 0

As St Patricks Day 2020 is almost upon us, we give you a rundown of our most celebrated Patricks Day Traditions

on our National Holiday.  So put on your Grandfather Shirt, wear your Tweed

Flat Cap and grab your Shillelagh

 Here's our Top St Patricks Day Traditions:

Welcome to Lee Valley-The Gearagh

Welcome to Lee Valley-The Gearagh 0

The third part of our 'Welcome to Lee Valley' series is based in 'The Gearagh', which is a submerged glacial plain and nature reserve based in the Upper Lee Valley..

This wonderful area is the only ancient post glacial alluvial forest in Western Europe. The Gearagh gets it's name for 'An Gaoire' the wooden river.

Welcome to Lee Valley- Johnny Timmy Johnny's Museum

Welcome to Lee Valley- Johnny Timmy Johnny's Museum 1

The second part of our 'Welcome To Lee Valley' series, brings us to our local museum 'Johnny Timmy Johnny's'...

The museum is located in Inchigeela village, Cork, Ireland and revives memories of times past for people visiting the area.