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Welcome to Lee Valley- An Laoi (Gougane Barra)

Welcome to Lee Valley- An Laoi (Gougane Barra) 0

The fourth part of our 'Welcome to Lee Valley' series is based in 'An Laoi'. This is the source of the River Lee, in the hills above the forest of Gougane Barra. A beautiful area full of lush greenery tucked away on the edge of the Shehy mountains, Gougane Barra and 'An Laoi' mark the beginning of the Lee Valley...
Welcome to Lee Valley- Johnny Timmy Johnny's Museum

Welcome to Lee Valley- Johnny Timmy Johnny's Museum 1

The second part of our 'Welcome To Lee Valley' series, brings us to our local museum 'Johnny Timmy Johnny's'...

The museum is located in Inchigeela village, Cork, Ireland and revives memories of times past for people visiting the area.

Perfect Irish Gifts

Perfect Irish Gifts 0

At Lee Valley Ireland we have come up with a list of the best Irish Gifts to give a loved one.  No matter what the occasion, you will be spoilt for choice.  If you're looking for that something unique and special from the Emerald Isle look no further..
Gaelic Football

Gaelic Football 0

Gaelic football is one of Ireland's national sports. It is a team sport and local pride is one of the main motivators of the game. Whether you tog out in community or county colours, pride and passion fuel you on that pitch. The leather football is punted, passed and kicked from the goalposts at one end of the pitch to the other. This is a high energy and stamina match between teams that both desperately want to win. Gaelic football is an amateur sport. Players are not paid to play; players line out in their club and county colours with passion and pride.