10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Cork after Lockdown

10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Cork after Lockdown

10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Cork after Lockdown


Inspired by the recent trending hashtag #WhenWeTravelAgain we have compiled a list of our

favorite Cork places we'll be visiting after lockdown.  In Ireland we are currently confined to a 5km radius of our homes

which makes us realise all the beautiful locations we are missing just beyond our reach.

From wonderful stately homes and majestic castles, to natural wonders and historical places..


Why not bookmark our list for a post lockdown roadtrip of Cork!



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 Bantry House (Photo: Lisa O Riordan)

 Bantry House

This wonderful historic house and gardens in the heart of Bantry, has been occupied by the former

Earls of Bantry since the 18th century when it was built.  Originally called 'Blackrock'

this amazing location with it's breathtaking views is often overlooked.

  It was opened to the public in the 1940's and is now enjoyed by many local visitors

and tourists. 

Make sure you don't miss this hidden gem if you're in West Cork.



Gougane Barra

Gougane Barra

The famous beauty spot of Gougane Barra is most definitely our favorite place to visit in the Lee Valley.

  Currently outside of our 2km limit, we cannot wait to visit here again.  Comprising

of a large forest park to explore and it's unique centre piece that is St. Finbarrs Oratory

on an island of it's own.  

For more on Gougane Barra see our previous Blog Post Here



Garnish Island (Photo: Lisa O Riordan)

Garnish Island 

Located in the sheltered harbour of Glengariff, this stunning island features beautiful gardens

and walking routes.  Also known as Ilnacullin, this island garden

of rare beauty, contains exotic plants not normally found in Ireland due to the warm Gulf Stream

waters surrounding the island.  The gardens designed by architect

and landscaper Harold Peto for the Bryce family were set to surround

a mansion, which sadly was never built.  The island

was bequethed to the people of Ireland in 1953.



Inchydoney Beach (Photo: Frederico Marques https://www.flickr.com/photos/vonfreud/4592995880/in/photolist-7ZSiE9-iebBsJ-QSE1xU-2hmhyvV-7ZShZN-7ZSidE-fb72JG-7ZP7Dn-7ZPbx2-9gTgKY-7ZSiSC-57tW3-fb8iDC-c2qo1h-6KqVnQ-2MCG2r-r6Ef3V-bkSRcx-id7iD3-2cyiZda-faT3H8-nv2mxC-76hkY8-6eEHVC-6KmJp6-6eAt6r-9CGq4t-PHqs1m-6KqTLA-eFxZE7-5jJ9GF-zxgpuV-6YJFfT-aBv56E-Cok6V-xbi6q-38URiB-Z5skcj-5nCu6P-cix26U-adJ7tw-b4HGFe-257CLgb-4TUUp9-wLXFbn-2hzR5dc-bs8b6e-fb7ui1-bpef68-22SFwNh)


Inchydoney is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ireland and definitely top of our post lockdown

bucket list of places to visit.  Situated near Clonakilty in West Cork, this

glorious and unspoiled beach is a firm favorite with surfers and families

alike.  As Summer days approach, we are looking forward to spending our days right here.



Blarney Castle (Photo: Txapulín https://www.flickr.com/photos/txapulin/40406313/in/photolist-4z6oz-PoUZ28-ab5oQT-ab8aVo-5wBcik-qsfjA2-7JcsFL-ab8d51-7JcVhd-7Jp3Zy-7U4Qeo-ab5ofB-7J8ENn-5y7ym-7J95kt-2UPAsC-5edk5-cG7KpN-7U4HTA-ab5smB-7J88ii-ab5pHt-ab8iZu-7JbXms-jiPqiW-ab8hbu-ab8cvh-7Jc9ao-7JcBNA-jiKcbF-7J8MKM-ab5u7g-qo7Fsx-7vW12s-9rYMKe-7J8DU2-ab8a7N-qo7FDp-7J89hP-7J8yDM-7JcvHb-7JcyYs-7JbWof-7JcwJA-7JcFU5-HBXi2-7J86m4-7JcEQm-7J8uW2-arBDMw)

 Blarney Castle

The historic and world famous Blarney Castle we see today is actually the third structure to be built

on this site, the first being a wooden structure built in the 10th Century.

  The current castle stands since 1446 and is visited by tourists from

all over the world to kiss the famous Blarney Stone.  This famed rock is said to give 'the gift of the gab'.

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Fastnet Lighthouse (Photo: helen@littlethorpe https://www.flickr.com/photos/42945623@N03/48398550842/in/photolist-2gJPdZ9-nfapg-5NkMpY-fwh62s-fwh5z3-fw2QYk-fwh65d-fw2Rsg-549y65-fwh5w5-fw2Rkr-fwjcru-fwgYZL-fwh1jQ-fw2LXx-fw2LAV-fwh6HG-fwh3Ew-fw2RPe-fwh1tN-fwgWDj-fwh4V7-fw2Kf4-fw2S6v-fwh6Xo-fw2Khz-fwh2oy-fwgZYw-fw2LL8-fw2QPc-fwh7yS-fw2MQM-fwh6rd-fw2HWK-fw2LUx-fw2P8X-aq1cVz-fw2QJa-fw2MMr-fwh7uW-fw2HPD-fw2Qk8-fwh4J5-fwh5h3-fwh4Mb-fw2QLR-fw2NBH-fwgFwN-fw2QzV-fw2MFF)

Fastnet Lighthouse

Sitting on Fastnet Rock, this Lighthouse marks the most southerly point in Ireland 13km from the mainland

of County Cork.  This amazing location is also sentimentally known as 'Ireland's teardrop' as it was the last

part of Ireland 19th century emigrants saw as they sailed to America to begin

new lives, many never to return.  The island is regularly circumnavigated

by tour boats where you can get a glimpse of the tallest and widest rock tower lighthouse

this side of the Atlantic.



Cobh (photo: Cobh Tourism https://www.flickr.com/photos/cobhtourism/16354466887/in/photolist-qVbVe2-ociBU-qr92E-bUF7jZ-MnXD3-4GxqUx-dm3QnK-o4LveU-dm3Szq-6tuohk-dm3Jbx-3fbRGG-aBLM1-dm3Thd-dm3LPP-tg9Zh-dm3P8H-dm3TBj-dm3PRr-dm3JFc-dm3JDv-4cqiDF-p5UQr-BQKYHY-dm3K6z-8WMhUv-4cuDCq-dm3SQQ-dm3KB6-4KQe3g-4KUuQ7-a7WDT-Eizer-5b8kb3-2ge14ME-dm3Rp3-dm3MTn-dm3JX4-dm3MEr-dm3Nkt-dm3PVL-dm3PK7-dm3LHV-4cqEsP-dm3PtN-dm3Tno-4EZ5gC-8WQijw-dm3Q3G-dm3PxW)


This vibrant harbour town is most famous for being the last port of call for the Titanic on it's ill fated

voyage to the US.  Shrouded in history and heritage, the town formally

known as 'Queenstown' makes for an interesting visit as well

as being a great destination for food and drink which we can't wait to take

advantage of.  With many tours

and visitor centres, it is also Ireland's only dedicated Cruise terminal.


The Gearagh Walkway (Photo: Pat O'Driscoll https://www.flickr.com/photos/17031895@N00/4664475618/in/photolist-JBjZG8-dqfCBe-8f5fB-vrFJmi-L8jD6G-nr1eJQ-JBkniz-27aNXFA-28bXBD7-L8jx89-25veyFA-28gfaiT-28gf5Ar-26TC6B4-27aNHTW-27aNPoJ-28geVFc-27aP261-26TC4Hp-26TBYfa-26TBZYv-26TCdoF-JBkjtX-dsZNxf-dsZB5n-y4qvr-A3ec9V-oYkTNv-8f6kC-y4qvv-9a7HsZ-oUZ4RB-87bE6q-pqwzXJ-xYwjX-8f3W7-8f3W5-ZMUkcP-pqy6tt-zJMajz-yf6hV-oy9DmQ-pnBmKX-ozas1o-ozar8m)

The Gearagh

Situated in the Lee Valley, this area is a submerged glacial woodland and

nature reserve that looks beautiful in any season.  Featuring a myriad of walkways and

small islands, we can't wait to explore these alluvial plains once again.  

For more on the Gearagh see our previous Blog Post Here


Drombeg stone circle (Photo: Keith Ewing https://www.flickr.com/photos/kewing/14362393625/in/photolist-nTa2fi-bVSuC4-cdf5KS-cdeTtw-cdfdgA-bVSLXX-cdf8nC-bVSFGp-BNcCLW-Wx2UGt-aksnBD-bVSCon-iGm9K-nUWtna-Wh44f5-27CKSqs-V6n7Ap-VfLufL-3MpAm6-oC68d4-Wh4cq3-2Sh2ca-4U6Aro-cdfdWG-CBviH7-8367Uq-oUA9aX-nnCuY5-5eawsh-4rBFMX-vk1Zkm-35uU5o-vnFiX8-Wx3kPc-oz2Dqs-Virzun-4rALJ6-4gZ9Wo-Wx36PZ-ziUx7j-4rFLYQ-Wx3giD-Wh4csN-wD213k-vk1QRh-vmMFS5-4yDfGQ-3MpAyD-vmNzJ1-v5S3Xg)

Drombeg Stone Circle

This magical stone circle, also known as the 'Druid's Alter' is situated near Glandore, Co. Cork

along with nearby prehistoric huts and a fulacht fiadh.  One

of the most visited Megalithic sites in Ireland, this remarkable historic

example is akin to a trip back in time.

The stone circle features seventeen closely spaced stones, flanked by a pair

of axial portal stones set in line of the setting sun during the

midwinter solstice.  We are looking forward to our trip to this ancient

Irish site.


Mizen head (photo: Keith Ewing https://www.flickr.com/photos/kewing/14377352692/in/photolist-nUtG4f-nUtGpL-cdgjz5-nUB8L6-Lo5qjL-cdgDyC-bVTUZV-oSGiu-cdgCAN-bVU47a-ogzz6r-cixHxd-yDDqtv-fHcYMD-cixKaU-bVTSE6-nC7Ui1-CBvhYm-cixJc7-oyoD55-cixHPS-cdgByd-bVU37z-ZDj25Y-cixJNN-oxBM9c-cixJwj-ozPJiT-3VyoKF-oyoyxu-6WDJDY-oxSWQU-oxBtBj-oxNwSP-6WzHWD-cdghoL-6w6gpQ-b6MgP-5Cb2XU-6He4K-eCCKSK-oW8buH-oN51MY-nUB6sP-bREozr-oxB93w-oy7eWH-oxB548-yiP7JK-oQ53Ds)

Mizen Head

 On the mainland not too far from the Fastnet Rock, on the southern edge

of Ireland lies Mizen Head.  Providing amazing coastal views

and traversing walkways including it's famous arched bridge to explore, this

is truly an amazing experience.  So much so, that it was also one of

the filming locations for Star Wars in recent years.  Its rugged landscape

and breathtaking picturesque views makes it a must go excursion.



Map of Cork (Google Maps)

Map of Cork Destinations - Google Maps 


We hope you enjoyed reading about our favorite places to visit in Cork after Lockdown. 

We hope we can all visit these places soon! 

Where will you be visiting after lockdown?

If you have any suggestions to add to this list, please feel free to leave a comment below..


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