Perfect Irish Gifts

Perfect Irish Gifts

Perfect Irish Gifts

At Lee Valley Ireland we have come up with a list of the best Irish Gifts to give a loved one.  No matter what the occasion, you will be spoilt for choice.  If you're looking for that something unique and special from the Emerald Isle look no further..
Irish Flat Cap

1. The Irish Flat Cap

This traditional Irish piece of clothing dates back to the 14th Century.  The flat cap is a rounded hat with a small stiff brim at the front and has remained a popular item through the years and with the recent success of TV show 'Peaky Blinders', the Irish Flat Cap has become a must have statement accessory.  Worn traditionally by older Irish men, sometimes known as 'The Paddy Cap'.  It is generally made of wool or tweed, it started out as a 'lower class' item.  Nowadays, you will see many a celebrity sporting the much loved hat.
Aran Sweater

2. The Aran Sweater

The Aran sweater is named after the Aran Islands off the West coast of Ireland where it was created.  This traditional Irish Knitwear, has a beautifully intricate design with cable patterns on the body and sleeves.  Originating in the 1890s and early 1900s this style of knitted sweater was worn by Fishermen to keep them warm as they went about their work.  The Aran honeycomb and herringbone stitches were believed to bring luck, success and health to the wearer.  This makes the Aran Sweater the perfect gift from Ireland..

3. Traditional Irish Nightshirt

A traditional item of sleepwear clothing worn long ago.  Similar in style, though longer than a mans grandfather shirt, originally made of cotton or linen.  The Nightshirt was often worn together with a Nightcap, long before the first Pyjamas were created.  It was designed for comfort and warmth.  It is still being worn today as a popular yet hard to find item.

4 Nightcap

The tradition of a Nightcap came about in the era before central heating became common place in households.  Though the meaning of the word 'Night cap' is now more referred to a drink, this item of Nightwear came first.  They were used to retain body heat as most body heat is lost through the head, as the saying goes 'warm head, warm heart!'.  They were traditionally worn with a Nightshirt, as a Sleeping Cap and made of material such as Cotton or Flannel..
 Celtic Shawl

 5. Celtic Wool Shawl

The Irish shawl has been worn in Ireland for centuries.  Made using wool, a shawl was originally a plain colored wrap worn by Irish women to protect themselves from the wet and windy Irish weather.  The shawl features prominently in historical photographs of Irish women.  Today, a shawl is a piece to be treasured, a reminder of times long past.  It is the perfect gift made in the time honored Irish Traditional Style..
You can find all these beautiful Irish gifts on our website  

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