Welcome To Lee Valley- The Stepping Stones

Welcome To Lee Valley- The Stepping Stones

The Stepping Stones 

The first part of the 'Welcome To Lee Valley' series features 'The Ballingeary Stepping Stones', where Denis Hurley (Our CEO here at Lee Valley Ireland) will be your guide..


We begin in the upper Lee Valley, just a stones throw from Gougane Barra where the River Lee rises.  Just outside the village of Ballingeary, is a beautiful Stone Clapper Bridge known locally as the Stepping Stones..


This historic bridge is one of the first man-made crossing points in the entire Lee Valley used to transverse the River Lee before modern day bridges were created.  It is hard to put a date on these stone structures, it is thought they could even date back to prehistoric times.  The bridge itself is a stone structure, made with large slabs of stone (generally granite or schist) supported by stone pillars leading to the banks of the river.  The name Clapper Bridge derives from an Anglo Saxon origin, where the word 'Clapper' or 'cleaca' means 'Bridging the Stepping Stones'.  These bridges are generally found around Ireland and UK, although they are relatively rare and hard to find, especially in such good condition.

A Place to Visit

In Ballingeary, the 'Stepping Stones' are a local landmark.  A place to come and relax, take photos or explore.  If you are ever in the Lee Valley or indeed spending some time in Ireland, it is most definitely worth a visit.  There are plenty of hotels in the area including one in the beautiful Gougane Barra.  There are also many activities to be enjoyed locally, such as fishing in the nearby lakes and exploring forests and walking trails. The local population of Ballingeary are sure to give you a friendly welcome as you discover the delights of this location and the wider Lee Valley..

Welcome to Lee Valley!

This is the first part of a series of blog posts featuring our locality 'The Lee Valley' here in West Cork, Ireland.  
The Lee Valley is a broad and beautiful area situated in the heart of Cork.  It extends from the Derrynasaggart Mountains on the Cork/Kerry border to Cork Harbour.  At Lee Valley Ireland we are proud to call this our home.  In fact our name derives from the 'Lee Valley' itself along with our inspiration for our logo and much of our clothing.  Look out for further blog posts in this series, coming soon..  
Map Lee Valley Ireland (Credit: Cork Heritage)
Map of The Lee Valley, Ireland  (Arrow Shows Location of Stepping Stones)
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