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How to wear your Grandfather Shirt

How to wear your Grandfather Shirt

The collarless Irish Grandfather Shirt is the product that built both our business and our wardrobe. The comfort and versatility of this shirt is timeless and classic. Here are some of the options for wearing your own Grandfather Shirt.

  1. Team your Grandfather Shirt with denim jeans or shorts. The epitome of comfort and timelessness is wearing your Grandfather Shirt with your favorite denims. The lined flannel collarless shirt can be worn as a jacket in milder weather.
  2. Let’s layer up your personal look – add a tweed vest to your collarless shirt. If you are in the mood, take this a step further by adding a tweed driving cap.
  3. A Grandfather Shirt adds another dimension to your classic suit. The bonus with this option is that there is no need to wear a tie! Though you could add a cravat, for a touch of je ne c’est quoi.
  4. The denim Grandfather Shirt is a summer favourite. Roll the cuffs up and team with chinos for casual chic. Wear the denim collarless shirt with cut-offs and docksiders and the weekend sailor is dressed.
  5. The white linen Bandon Grandfather Shirt is a classic addition to your wardrobe. Worn with the traditional two-piece suit gives a clean and classic smartness, worn with a timeless three-piece suit and cravat takes the look to gentleman status. Irish Wool Tweed Vest Durrow Grey Herringbone by Lee Valley Ireland
  6. A pale blue shirt is generally referred to as an Oxford Shirt. Combine the blue color and the cool linen fabric with our Grandfather Shirt pattern to get the Washed Linen Bandon Grandfather Shirt. Wear this for a look as classic as any traditional Oxford Shirt.
  7. The flannel patterns in our Grandfather Shirts range are rich in color and texture. The comfort of this flannel shirts’ cut and fabric make it a wardrobe must-have. It is a firm favorite for both casual and work wear. Team with denim, canvas or chinos for your leisure time.
  8. Out dark blue and cream striped flannel collarless shirt is a classic casual addition to every wardrobe. This Grandfather Shirt will suit any and all casual wear. A personal favourite, it gets more wearable with every wash.
  9. Don’t forget the little ones! We now stock collarless Grandfather Shirts for children. Have a “mini-me” moment with your children or grand-children. Now that is a great idea for a family photo – The Grandfather Shirt Photo!
  10. Last but by no means least, the women in your lives deserve their own collarless Grandfather Shirts. (Even if it is only so they will leave your Grandfather Shirt alone!!)

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