Down the Lee Valley

Down the Lee Valley

Down the Lee Valley


Join us on our tour of the Lee Valley in County Cork, Ireland and visit us in the home of Irish Country
Clothing, since 1986. Further to our Blog Series 'Welcome to Lee Valley',
our latest video will take you on a journey to some of our
favorite local locations.  

From our base in Inchigeela, to Gougane Barra where the
River Lee rises. We finish our journey in the famous port town
of Cobh, where the River Lee enters the sea.




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Journey Through the Lee Valley


Inchigeela- The Home of Lee Valley Ireland

Beginning in the small village of Inchigeela located in West Cork, discover the home of Irish

Country Clothing - Lee Valley Ireland.  Since 1986, Lee Valley has

designed and made high quality clothing in this

rural location in Southern Ireland, taking inspiration from it's beautiful surroundings.

Today we are proud of our wonderful home, including our showroom which you can see in our video.



Gougane Barra

 Continuing on to the magnificent Forest Park in Gougane Barra, covering 339 acres of woodland,

waterways and hiking trails.  We traverse the forest dressed in our

favorite Flannel Grandfather Shirts, ideally rugged enough for the

outdoors. Adding our famous Cork Jacket  as it gets cooler into the

evening, we set off on an adventure to the source of

the River Lee located high in the Shehy mountains.

 For more on Gougane Barra, see our previous Blog Posts Here


Loch Allua- Ballingeary

 Our local Lake 'Loch Allua' , a well known fishing spot just east of Ballingeary, is the next stop on our

tour of the Lee Valley.  This beautiful fresh water lake forms part of

the River Lee as it moves onward toward the sea. 

It is also home to great annual event 'The Éalú Lua Adventure Race', featured in our previous Blog Post Here


The Gearagh-Kilmichael

 The Gearagh based in the upper Lee Valley is a submerged glacial plain and nature reserve and is in fact the only post

glacial alluvial forest in Western Europe.   

A great destination for walking trails, many also come to capture the beautiful scenery and sunset views.

For more on the Gearagh see our previous Blog Post Here


Carrigadrohid Castle

 As the River Lee continues its flow, we come upon Carrigadrohid where

the Lee crosses under a bridge.  The adjoining castle

was built in the 15th century by the famous MacCarthys of Muskerry.  

A three story tower, this fine castle is situated not far outside the

market town of Macroom and in recent years has been the subject of

much preservation by local groups.


Cork City

 As we approach the city of Cork, we can see many bridges traversing over the River Lee.  The city centre

of Cork is in fact an island, positioned between the two

channels for the River Lee, which meet

downstream in the direction of the docklands as it heads out to sea.

 The most prominent of these is the local landmark St. Patrick's Bridge as seen

in our video. This bridge also played a vital part in Cork's trading history,

connecting the north side of the city with the city center so butter merchants could cross easily.



 The harbour town of Cobh, once known as Queenstown is most well known

as the departure point of the famous RMS Titanic.

 As well as being Ireland's only dedicated cruise terminal, Cobh is the

point where the Lee enters the sea and the conclusion of the Lee Valley.


We hope you have enjoyed our tour of the Lee Valley, for more information and full product range be sure to visit our website!

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