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Denim Fabric History



Denim has been the epitome of trendiness through the decades. Jon Bon Jovi, Meatloaf, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Rita Ora and many more stars wore denim with pride. Some still wear it today as their style. It isn’t only the stars that favour the comfort and style of denim. Denim fabric has been the number one choice for workwear since 1871. People of all ages and background enjoy denim. Movies have made certain denim styles iconic – remember Daisy Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard movie? The versatility and comfort of denim is hard to beat.

Denim is a coarse cotton weave. We all adore denim whether in jeans, a skirt, a shirt or a jacket or cap, now here we are with an original style denim jacket that is fully lined with the softest flannel. Take the denim trend and make it work for you.


Our version

The Lee Valley Ireland Denim Gardening Jacket is easy to wear, comfy and looks smart. The button-through front opening is complimentary to everyone, with its patch pockets. The 12oz cotton coarse twill is the opposite of its description, it is lightweight and soft. The beautiful fabric has been woven especially for Lee Valley Ireland, delivering high quality as expected from our products.



Denim – the fabric

Coarse cotton threads are woven together to create cotton fabric. What differentiates denim from other woven cotton is that denim is when two different thread colours are woven in a diagonal pattern. One thread is dyed indigo blue and this thread is called the warp thread. The second thread remains white and is called the weft thread. The war and weft threads are woven together in a particular diagonal pattern which gives denim its distinctive two-sided fabric; the front being indigo blue and the reverse being white.   Irish Gift Ideas from Lee Valley


Denim fabric history

The term ‘jeans’ originates from the French word for Italian city Genoa, which is Gênes. The very first pair of trousers ever made, were made in Genoa. 

In 1871 Jacob Davis, a tailor from Nevada, was sewing a custom order of a pair of trousers. A woman had ordered a pair of sturdy trousers for her husband to wear while working. As Davis finished sewing the trousers made from the new coarser cotton known as denim, he caught sight of copper rivets on his workbench. He added the copper rivets to stress points on the trousers, where they would be likely to rip such as the fly and pockets.

These reinforced and durable trousers were soon in great demand, so much so that Jacob Davis struggled to fulfil orders. He decided to approach his fabric suppliers to propose a deal. Levi Strauss & Co supplied Davis with the bolts of denim. Having read the proposal, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis entered a partnership of sorts. Jacob Davis had the patent registered as his and then went to work for Levi Strauss & Co in San Francisco as manager of the new factory making the new work-wear, durable trousers known as jeans.

And the rest, as they say, is history!



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