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Black Friday 2016 Are you ready cause tis coming....


Black Friday Sale

This year we have massive savings on products across several lines

Black Friday 2016, Are you ready cause tis coming......!

I want to share a few of our Black Friday Special Offers with you in advance.

So whats on offer I hear you say?

Well for one day and one day only we will have A FLASH SALE on ALL our NIGHTWEAR! With a whopping 25% OFF!!

 Black Friday (4).jpg

 There is even more!

  • We are offering 30% off Select Vintage Grandfather Shirts.
  • 30% OFF select Ladies Shirts
  • 60% OFF Our Hurley Tweed Vests
  • & Much Much More  

Hurley Tweed Vest

Named for our very own family, this bespoke tweed vest is timeless. It can be worn be anyone, lends its style to everyone’s closet. Team the Hurley Tweed vest with a tee-shirt and jeans for an Irish version of James Dean. Some smart shirt and trousers with the same vest sends a dapper you into the public domain.

I haven’t forgotten the ladies! Ladies, you are more than welcome to borrow your loved one’s tweed vest but why not get your own? The Hurley Tweed Vest looks fab over a simple dress, add a few choice accessories and you are ready for any adventure. If you have your own vest, it will be a more snug fit – ideal for pairing with jeans and heels to hit the town.

Take this one step further – team the fabulous Hurley Tweed Vest with a grandfather shirt – there are plenty to choose from. While we are talking about shirts….

Vintage Grandfather Shirts

What can I say? Granddad Hurley always wore one and we modelled his behaviour and here we are decades later wearing and selling our vintage grandfather shirts. Therefore, we are offering them to you as a special offer – to say thank you, we appreciate your good taste in our products and for being a loyal customer.

The cut of this shirt is designed for comfort and ease of wear – whether by intent or accident, either way we win – a super soft and comfortable shirt you can wear rolling in the grass or going out to lunch.

Ladies shirts  Check us out lee valley Ireland

This year we have extending our product ranges. One of these ranges is ladies’ shirts. As much as the ladies love to borrow their man’s shirt, having their own ladies fitting shirt is a very welcome addition to their wardrobes.

The shirts are made from high quality cotton and linen. The workmanship is superior. The comfort is second to none. The options of wear-ability are endless. Denims or leggings are top choice, don’t rule out a skirt – a denim skirts is amazing with any of our shirts. Ladies choice!


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