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Lee valleys view on Easter traditions 0

Easter eggs. Chocolate. Easter Bunny. Easter Bonnet. Easter Egg Hunt. Flowers. Springtime. Easter Cake. Easter Dance. These are some of the things we associate with Easter. My number one is definitely the chocolate. Don’t ask me to prioritize the others, please…

The Traditional Irish Cottage 0

The Traditional Irish Cottage.

We are all familiar with postcards from Ireland. The pictures on these postcards are pictures of sheep, donkeys, green fields, castles, cliffs or cottages. A case can be made for the uniqueness of the green fields of Ireland. but let’s face it, cliffs are cliffs and animals are animals.  On the other hand the traditional Irish cottage is the one image that is always associated with Ireland.

The Irish Cottage Collection 0

The Irish Cottage Collection

From Our Dresser To Yours, Win A Rick Lewis Heirloom.

Intricate detailing and architectural accuracy of these Irish Cottage figurines are a testament to Rick's superb craftsmanship. These miniatures were commissioned by Galway Arts Creations a division of Royal Tara in Galway.

How to wear your Grandfather Shirt 0

The collarless Irish Grandfather Shirt is the product that built both our business and our wardrobe. The comfort and versatility of this shirt is timeless and classic. Here are some of the options for wearing your own Grandfather Shirt.

Irish Coast Guard 0

The Irish Coast Guard (IRCG) is a vital force in safety and rescue operations in Ireland. They have been an integral part of the emergency services since 1822. They are responsible for search and rescue, marine safety awareness, the marine communications network and also environmental pollution and salvage response.

St Patrick's Day Parades 0

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, as such he merits a pattern or feast day. Every town, village and city in Ireland, and many others globally, celebrates St Patricks Day on the 17th of March every year. This day is a national holiday in Ireland since 1903.

An Crannóg - Mehigan's Island 0

Loch Allua is a small lake but here lies an archaeological curiosity - a little island encampment dating to medieval times or before, it was reached via a submerged causeway, known only to its defenders.

A new year, new habits, new resolutions, new practices, new everything! 0

But what do we do with the old? We hoard. We are a world of hoarders. They even make reality television shows about us! We can’t help ourselves. I might need it. I’ll use it next week, month, year. Someone else might need it. It might be handy. I’ll keep it, just in case…