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Irish Coast Guard 0

The Irish Coast Guard (IRCG) is a vital force in safety and rescue operations in Ireland. They have been an integral part of the emergency services since 1822. They are responsible for search and rescue, marine safety awareness, the marine communications network and also environmental pollution and salvage response.

St Patrick's Day Parades 0

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, as such he merits a pattern or feast day. Every town, village and city in Ireland, and many others globally, celebrates St Patricks Day on the 17th of March every year. This day is a national holiday in Ireland since 1903.

The Traditional Irish Cottage 0

The Traditional Irish Cottage.

We are all familiar with postcards from Ireland. The pictures on these postcards are pictures of sheep, donkeys, green fields, castles, cliffs or cottages. A case can be made for the uniqueness of the green fields of Ireland. but let’s face it, cliffs are cliffs and animals are animals.  On the other hand the traditional Irish cottage is the one image that is always associated with Ireland.

An Crannóg - Mehigan's Island 0

Loch Allua is a small lake but here lies an archaeological curiosity - a little island encampment dating to medieval times or before, it was reached via a submerged causeway, known only to its defenders.

A new year, new habits, new resolutions, new practices, new everything! 0

But what do we do with the old? We hoard. We are a world of hoarders. They even make reality television shows about us! We can’t help ourselves. I might need it. I’ll use it next week, month, year. Someone else might need it. It might be handy. I’ll keep it, just in case…

Ireland's Favourite Baby Names In 2016 0

Ireland's Favourite Baby Names in 2016

There are over 350,000 babies born every year. Break this down and you will have 150 babies born every minute of every day, somewhere in the world. In Ireland, approximately 200 babies are born every day. In 2016 there was in excess of 65,000 births in 2015. With the population rising, this figure is expected to rise by at least 5% in 2016. The final figures will be published later this quarter. As fascinating as these figures are, what interests me is what people name their new babies.

Flannel Nightwear Staying Warm for winter 0

Flannel Nightwear Staying Warm for Winter

There is one sole purpose to wearing flannel nightwear – keeping warm in winter! Few countries can boast that they wear flannel in bed all year… and as we know quite well, Ireland can. Another thing Ireland can brag about is how all four seasons can be experienced in a single day. The night is another beast. Night-time in Ireland allows you to experience one season every single night of the year: it is the cold and damp winter season.

1916 Newspaper Articles 0

1916 Newspaper Articles, 100 years Ago Today!

With the year that is in it, I thought I might find something of interest about 1916 that has no tie to Irish politics to share with you. Scanning newspaper archives can be a boring old job, equally it can be riveting – definitely interesting. You just never know what you might stumble upon. The Irish Times in 1916 holds the key to a wealth of information. The only thing is you kind of get lost, reading one article after another until the entire day has passed you by… Well, now you know my secret…